Thursday, July 20, 2017

Album Review: 'Matching Stories' by Kyau & Albert

The world of electronic dance music is vast, and as explained before, the sub-genre of trance is celebrated a lot here on the blog. Kyau & Albert have been around for many years producing many great tracks through labels like Anjunabeats and their own Euphonic. They have also been known to collaborate with others in the scene on tracks like "Fears" with Markus Schulz on his 2016 'Watch The World' album.

Their talent has not gone unnoticed here at The Love of Music Project, so when contacted by their team to write this review, the blog was honored.  A few of the tracks on 'Matching Stories' have been released as singles and supported in sets by many as well as radio shows/podcasts like Group Therapy with Above & Beyond, Global DJ Broadcast, & Corsten's Countdown. "Memory Lane" is a solid track with great vocals by Mr. Albert. In fact, there aren't many tracks that aren't featuring his vocals, and that is a-okay! However, tracks like "Love Letter From The Future" and "Bring You Back" feature the vocals of Adaja Black and Jeza. Each brings a unique sound with their vocals to each track, and the blog is pretty sure you will enjoy them.

Another welcome detail of 'Matching Stories' is the tracks that are in their native German language ("Mein Herz" & "Spuren"). It's a welcome change to hear quality vocals despite language barriers. Music has that way of breaching those barriers. If you love trance and/or vocal trance, or just learning about it, you will love this album.  Great vibes from start to finish! Have you purchased your copy yet?

Catch up on their radio show/podcast!

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