Friday, July 14, 2017

Track Review: "Scan" by Danilo Ercole

The beauty of the trance music scene is the constant supply and demand of new tracks. Another beauty is the diversity of labels and themes the scene continues to pursue. Danilo Ercole and OHM Music have been featured on this blog before, but with a new track comes a new review. Whether your taste is the uplifting, euphoric pure trance, progressive, or the new era psy-trance, the constant need for new music never ceases to amaze.

"Scan" is one of those tracks where a lot of creativity to come up with an infections melody, great beat drops, and more elements to keep you wanting more has been produced by Mr. Ercole. The following remixes provided by Matt Forner should be added to your collection as well. The anthem like nature of this track regardless of the mix, is going to be featured in sets and radio shows/podcasts for time to come. When this track gets its wide release, please support all involved by picking up yourself a copy!

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