Monday, November 13, 2017

Song Review: "Amber" by Bottle Note

The term "Indie" tends to be associated with alternative rock music or has in recent years. As recent posts on this blog suggest, "Indie Rock" is alive and well across United Kingdom and surrounding areas. Thus, when a band out of Edinburgh, UK by the name of Bottle Note found the blog, a review of their current single "Amber" was definitely in order.

"Amber" is an uptempo, catchy song from beginning to end. The intro hooks you, then more layers of the song kick in by guitar riffs, vocals, and drums. It may take a couple of listens to understand the lyrics, but overall, the song is well produced with great musicianship. The talent by all members of the band craft a great song. Looking forward to more and more "Indie" talent from the U.K. in the future! Please pick up or stream your copy of "Amber" right now via Apple Music, Spotify, or their Soundcloud!

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