Monday, November 20, 2017

Track Review: "Fragments" by Nameless

One thing about music is that it is subjective to those who choose to listen. Another great thing about electronic dance music in all of its forms, is that an artist can produce under an alias or artist name. This is true for Nameless A.K.A. Jay Rivera who has created a nice progressive/electro house track "Fragments" to be released on OHM Music.  

"Fragments" has also be given trance versions with the remixes by Profetik that are not to be ignored. Nameless has done a great job producing a track that can appeal to your different moods. Whether you prefer the more mellow progressive feel or the layered melodies that make the track trance, you will have a well produced track to add to your collection. Please support this track when it is released December 8th! 

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