Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Ode to Sean & Xander

This trance producer duo has been featured on this blog before, but with so many releases through M.I.K.E. Push Studio, the blog felt the need to highlight their talent. As explained many times before, the trance scene has been growing exponentially depending on your overall outlook. The road to becoming a successful producer in the music industry is extremely difficult, and when you combine passion with drive and talent, you get a duo like Sean & Xander.

"Gatekeeper" is what many trance fans like to call a pure trance track. The track has an uptempo beat sequence followed by a couple of layers of melodies. It may have some elements of psy-trance thrown in, but overall, the incorporation of layered melodies will hook any trance fan. Feel free to stream and/or buy this track at your earliest convenience.

"29" has been featured in many sets and radio shows/podcasts featuring trance over the past couple of years. The multiple layers of melodies have even inspired some big room constructions/remixes by Markus Schulz. Once you listen to this track, if you have not already, you will want to add this to your collection. The beat drops only enhance the infectious melodies.  It's clear why this track has become one of their most successful tracks to date.

"Total Recall" captures that uplifting trance feel many look for in...trance. Again, the incorporation of multiple layers followed by infectious beats will get you in that dancing mood. Their unique talent of finding new melodies is refreshing to find. Please stream and/or buy this track already currently released!

"In the Moment" captures what uplifting and euphoric trance are all about. Without becoming a broken record, the melody layers are brilliant. The accompanying beats enhance the track for your dancing pleasure.  Another one of their successful tracks to add to your collection!

Want more trance from the duo? Subscribe to their radio show/podcast Inspire to find other inspirational trance tunes.

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