Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Track Review: "Dreamcatcher" by OMAIR Featuring HYDRAH

In recent months, there has been a rumbling about the future of OHM Music and it's founder Omair Mirza. Mr. Mirza left social media for a few months, then an article about this absence was published leaving this blog with questions. However, now it seems all is well with the release of a new track. Mr. Mirza has become a friend of this blog, and has chatted on Trending Topics with BB podcast about topics related to trance music.

"Dreamcatcher" featuring HYDRAH combines vocals with melody layers and great beat drops. The quinessential cocktail for a great trance track. Despite the fundamental qualities that make this trance, there seems to be a statement made about the overall sound of the label when you listen to this track a few times. With so many great labels in trance, an intricate sound enhancement can set you apart. Looking forward to more releases from OMAIR in the future! Support this track when it's released March 9th!

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