Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Track Review: "Banshee" by Stuart Ferguson

Yes, it is true our friends at OHM Music send us music to review. This blog likes to be transparent on all fronts, but if The Love of Music wasn't there to begin with, this blog is pretty sure the team wouldn't want our reviews. That being said, "Banshee" by Stuart Ferguson was brought to our attention. 

"Banshee" has an introduction that is reminiscent of a Coldharbour Recordings sound, but then a melody kicks in followed by a great beat drop. Oh, did you hear that? More intricate melody layers that put you in a state of trance. This blog is actually surprised that this track has not made its way onto recent sets or radio shows/podcasts yet, however, it is only a matter of time. Make sure you support "Banshee" when it is OFFICIALLY released April 6th!

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