Thursday, March 15, 2018

Track Review: "Atlas" by Sean & Xander

From the previous track reviews to the 'Ode to Sean & Xander' recently on the blog, you should be well aware that this duo from Seattle is churning out great trance tracks. As stated before most of their releases have occurred on M.I.K.E. Push Studio, Coldharbour Recordings, and Flashover Recordings. However, their latest release comes to us from Blackhole Recordings, which is the label that oversees the aforementioned labels.

"Atlas" encompasses every element that trance fans treasure in a great trance track. From the initial beat intro, to the melodic layers of uplifting vibes, to the beat drops, this track deserves more love from the scene. In fact, since it's release about a week ago, this track has been relatively absent in sets and/or radio shows and podcasts. Please support this track ASAP! Their hard work should not go unnoticed!

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