Sunday, July 29, 2018

Track Review: "Into the Fire" by Arkham Knights

As the trance world embarks on the annual Coldharbour Recordings Day (July 30, 2018), it is time to review the latest track from Arkham Knights. These brothers have been featured and highlighted many times before on this blog, but as their career and recognition continues to rise throughout the trance scene, it is important to note that their talent keeps growing. Every track they have released has been better than the previous.

"Into the Fire" not only incorporates their signature sound of elements of techno with huge melodic layers that should keep not only those new to trance, but seasoned veterans hooked. Not to mention, but the beat drops that make it trance just add to the overall effect.  Assuming you have not read every post on this blog as well as those featuring Arkham Knights before, it should be noted their sound just aligns so well with the overall sound of Coldharbour as well as the vision from boss Markus Schulz. Please support the OFFICIAL release on August 3rd either by buying the track and/or streaming!

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