Thursday, August 16, 2018

The Latest from OHM Music

As evident and explained on this blog before, if you are a fan of trance music or somehow involved in the trance music scene, the rate at which new tracks become available is staggering.  However, the beauty of having an array of labels and sub-labels allow for intense discovery within trance. Not to take away from any labels producing trance, but OHM Music deserves to continue to be highlighted. 

The team at OHM Music seem to be aligning with owner Omair Mirza's vision for the label. Just recently released this month brought "Krypton" by Network X to the world of trance music. The track features uplifting vibes that align with Summer vibes due to its melodic layers and cryptic beats. Also recently released this month, "Tokyo Dreams" by Maglev showcase great talent along with other releases from the same artist. Available for your support on August 17th, "Not With The Times" by Gordey Tsukanov is a brilliant trance track with similar euphoric melodic layers and intense beats drops that should be marveled by trance fans for time to come.  Please support all of these tracks through your wallet and/or streaming at your earliest convenience. These artists along with the entire team at OHM Music deserve such support, and to continue to impress the entire trance world.

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