Sunday, May 19, 2019

Album Review: 'Confirm Humanity' by Mark Sherry

Despite highlighting many artists and genres of music on this blog over the years of its existence, it should be quite obvious the love for trance and other various forms of electronic dance music is showcased regularly. Mark Sherry has been well revered as a producer and DJ among the best for over 20 years, and yet has never released an album...UNTIL NOW.  Many revere Mr. Sherry as one of the pioneers of sub-genre Tech Trance.  The hard hitting trance with elements of techno, hence the name, tech-trance, has been gaining in popularity over the years. Outburst Records & Outburst Radio have both become well known focal point throughout the trance scene proving a great legacy by Mr. Sherry.

'Confirm Humanity' is a 18 track LP album that will take you on a journey from track #1 to #18.  For those unfamiliar with tech-trance, but love both techno and trance, you will love this entire journey.  The sub-genre has been known for artists including Mark, releasing a track or a few tracks, thus the art of a full length album should still be celebrated. Every track has great driving beats and melodic layers while offering a fresh take than other tracks within the sub-genre. As you will notice, the collaborations with other artists throughout the album, give it that flare to entice you for more. This album is released through Black Hole Recordings and is currently out for you to support where ever you support music.


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