Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Concert Review: Dave Matthews Band in Saratoga Springs, NY

Being a huge fan of Dave Matthews Band has had its consequences of not seeing them play live all of this time. Many people have mentioned how great they are to see play live, and what a great venue Saratoga Springs Performing Arts Center happens to be.

After a roadtrip from NYC to Saratoga Springs, NY May 31st, it was FINALLY time to see them live. The venue is connected to a well known state park/area. Plenty of green grass and interesting buildings were surrounding the venue. You could feel the excitement of the SOLD OUT concert radiating from the tailgating in the parking areas. It was clear that DMB appeals to many different ages or that this was a weekend of concerts from DMB that everybody wanted to be a part of. No matter the reason for being a fan, joining the many other people in the lawn crowd was exhilarating,

There were the concert essentials of alcohol, and well you guess. There was the excitement of no opening act, and two sets. Set one being acoustic, and set two being electric. Many people in the crowd attended the concert the night before, and had expectations. Yet, you learn quickly that those expectations change as the set list can be completely changed or revised from the previous concert. The social media accounts of Dave Matthews Band, post the set list the next day. You would think this would be a spoiler for future attendees, but you are wrong.

The talent of Dave Matthews Band is just astounding. It's clear when you watch them live, and see their reactions to the crowd, that they truly enjoy being a band who gets jam out every Summer. From singing along with the crowd as well as Dave to every lyric was an out of body experience. The more many classic songs of their anthology were being played, you could tell that the vibe was very...well...electric. Waiting many years to see them, and hoping to see/hear "Crash" played live was accomplished. Being that it is one of my all time favorite songs, you can just imagine the joy I felt while seeing/hearing it live. Many other great songs like "Pig", "Ants Marching",  & "Pay for What You Get" were played.

This type of general surprise for the crowd on what song is next, makes them an amazing band. The atmosphere of the night was amazing! Highly recommend seeing them LIVE in concert!

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