Friday, November 13, 2015

The Latest From Black Stax

From Felicia Loud (Black Stax):

"As 99 is our latest video, it is also a reflection of our past video's, "I Love My Life" & "Spell On You." All three video's have a specific concept(s) that we create, along with specific directions. However, the participants in these video's engage through their own creative expressions. That creative expression is welcomed and related to The Producers Series Vol. II. Each producer who participates in the series is creatively contributing music that they feel is our, Black Stax sound. And we do have our own sound. ;-)  Jace-Ecaj and myself narrow the choices to 6-8 instrumentals, title them, then we proceed to develop the sound with the producer. Or as we sometimes say, "we be staxin' 'em." For this series, Movement Music by Rob Eramia (Rob Bank Beats) we did ALL that, and as a result of continued collaboration we came up with 6 new pieces, one of which we chose as a live piece.
I will say that one purpose of the 99 video is to encourage people to continue to understand that power is built on personal strength as well as collective work. Nothing survives on it's own.
Stay Staxin'

 For those of you unfamiliar with Blackstax please feel free to check out our latest video entitled 99. ( visit or YouTube-Enjoy!!!!"

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