Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Album Review: "Delirum" by Ellie Goulding

Ellie Goulding has been tearing up the music scene for years now, more noticeably with her collaborations to lend her vocals on tracks with Calvin Harris. As explained before on this blog, Ellie knows how to put a great live show, and well her past music has not disappointed.

Ellie is known for her sultry voice, upbeat music due to her mutual love and respect for electronic dance music, plus her well written songs.  From the music to the vocals to round out each song, Ellie has found the perfect formula to keep and grow her fan base.

This brings us to her latest album release "Delirum" that of course entails the popular song from "The Fifty Shades of Grey" movie soundtrack "Love Me Like You Do" as well her smash hit with Calvin Harris "Outside".  These inclusions add to the 'Deluxe' edition that has 22 tracks in total. Thus, not sure why you would not listen to every track on the album.

Let's begin with "Aftertaste", "Something In The Way You Move",  & "Keep On Dancin'" all of which fall after the album intro "Delirum". Each song is upbeat with great lyrics, vocals, and great musicianship. You should recognize "On My Mind" from radio, TV spots, and plays out in society. This song has been gaining it's way up the Billboard charts for weeks now, and probably will stay there with more promotion. Should mention if you aren't dancin' to "Keep On Dancin'", then you have some sort of issue. Obviously this song is infused with EDM (Electronic Dance Music) influences.

"Around U" and "Codes" are upbeat great story teller songs, but "Holding On For Life" has elements of Gospel and Folk genres that add to the eclectic mix of the album. "Don't Need Nobody" encompasses many genres from EDM, Funk, R&B, & Rock.  To conclude, highly suggest to take a listen or two to this album, support Ellie on tour, and marvel in a talented women in the music business!

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