Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Track Review: "Beautiful Mystery" by Omair Mirza feat. Avari

In recent months on this blog, Omair Mirza and his tracks have been featured.  His contributions to the Trance scene have been well received by this blog as well as the entire community. With that been said, congratulations Omair on the announcement of your label OHM Music, and the release of "Beautiful Mystery" featuring the vocals of Avari.

Due to the previous success of collaborations with Avari, inclusion of her vocals on "Beautiful Mystery" were hardly a surprise. The mix of the melodies with the vocals follow the uplifting, vocal trance formula that you may be used to, but when the beats kick in, you are in for a great journey.  This track should be added your collection, but just don't take this claim for it.

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