Friday, November 25, 2016

EP Review: 'Desert Trance Society' EP by The Dream Master: Solo

The love of music tends to bring people together. This is especially true for fans, DJs, and producers within the Trance music scene. You may have noticed that this blog has been covering a lot of Trance artists and tracks this year, thus, it was necessary to bring 'Desert Trance Society EP' by The Dream Master: Solo to your attention. As a fellow member of the Phoenix Trance Family, The Dream Master: Solo has been part of the scene in Arizona for quite some time.  

The EP features four tracks for your Trance and PsyTrance pleasure.  "Lights Over Phoenix", "Sahuaro", "Sleep Paralysis", and "Bird of Fire".  Any or all of these tracks could become a trance staple as evident by the support from well known names in the industry.  In fact, support this EP on Beatport today to add them to your collection! 

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