Thursday, February 2, 2017

E.P. Review: Darkside E.P. by Dave Neven

As a follower of this blog you may have noticed the influx of posts for artists on the Coldharbour Recordings label.  Depending on your knowledge of Trance music and the scene you might also be aware of the quality of tracks being released from this label. Thus, it brings us to the latest E.P. release by DJ/Producer Dave Neven.  Dave has been producing some great remixes for the label as well as sets mostly witnessed during one of the popular Coldharbour Nights.

The E.P. is comprised of tracks "Darkside", "Resurgence", and "Oubliette", all of which bring that familiar Coldharbour sound to the trance scene. It's clear Mr. Neven is on track to a great 2017 production wise, and looking forward to what is in store. Please support these tracks on Beatport at your earliest convenience, and let the melodies sooth your soul.

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