Sunday, February 26, 2017

Band Highlight: The Idolins

"The Idolins are a Nottingham based folk / acoustic pop act who’s sound is built around the beautiful and heartfelt storytelling of Karen Smalley, delivered by ear-catching vocals and finely laced harmonies, across an evocative, melodic musical mix of slithering strings and iridescent percussion.” 2017 sees the introduction of Tom Dukes on bass guitar after the departure of cellist Hannah Barrs."

The Idolins are: 

Karen Smalley - Guitar & Vocals 
Nick Scott - Guitar / Mandolin / Banjo / Vocals 
Bar Morton - Electric Guitar / Vocals 
Mark Rice - Drums / Percussion
Tom Dukes - Bass 

Their latest single has also been reviewed by Nusic.
"A beautiful, haunting piece of music. Karen’s soothing voice contrasts the stunningly somber soundscapes provided by her fellow band members, plus guest appearances from Rob Rosa and Karen’s own daughter. It’s the kind of composition you just have to sit back and get lost in. And believe me, you will want to get lost in this gorgeous world.”     By Sam @

And Andy Proctor of The Pro-Cast
"Awesome! The Idolins are back and bigger than ever. A great first single from the new EP, it's beautiful and haunting in all the right places.” By Andy @ The Proc-Cast

For more information on the band take a look at

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