Friday, May 26, 2017

Album Review: 'Blueprint' by Ferry Corsten

Those who have respect for the trance genre, usually also have a respect for Ferry Corsten.  The past year or more saw Ferry return to his alias (started with Tiesto back in the day) Gouryella.  The brilliant melodies produced under that alias were just as ground breaking as the show he presented at various events.

Then the announcement of a new concept album back under Ferry Corsten name excited the trance scene. Especially as "Venera [Vee's Theme]" under Gouryella was released, but included on the 'Blueprint' album. Check out A State of Trance, Corsten's Countdown, Global DJ Broadcast, or Group Therapy with Above & Beyond for more information from the man himself.

From start to finish this album is truly brilliant. Why? Well, it includes a story with narration along with great trance tracks to accompany those feelings provoked.  Regardless of your preference of Ferry or his various aliases, the music is great. The passion for science fiction is shown throughout the story.  The vocals and collaborations compliment the story.  Just support this album on any platform as the creativity from Mr. Corsten is so refreshing!

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