Monday, October 30, 2017

Song Review: "Lay Me Down" by Fleer

For those just now getting acquainted with this blog, you should know that this blog has been around for years and is a shining example of not giving up on highlighting talent. Music seems to unite and ignite passion throughout all people. Thus, when the song "Lay Me Down" by Fleer was introduced, a review was in order.

"Lay Me Down" is that new alternative rock song that is in your face loud with great guitar riffs and smooth drums.  The lyrics are simple, yet fit the song well, and match their bio. Look for this song to be featured in the alternative rock scene for years to come. Please support them by picking up your copy November 11th on Sound-Hub Records!

Band Bio - We are a 3 piece alternative rock band from Warwickshire. Our band consists of singer and guitarist Liam Garratt, singer and bassist Wilem Thomas and drummer Martyn Nicholson. Our sound is inspired by bands such as Nirvana, Tool, Royal Blood, Queens of the Stone Age and Deftones. We have a dark dynamic sound fused with a raw energy.

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