Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Track Review: "Destiny" (The Remixes) by David Thulin & Euphoric Nation feat. Spencer Lloyd

When a great track is made to begin with, the remix possibilities are endless. This is evident by "Destiny" by David Thulin & Euphoric Nation featuring Spencer Llyod. The original mixes were reviewed on this blog many months ago, and the time has come to highlight new remixes. As explained many time before, the world of electronic dance music is vast, and thus many sub-genres can get the love via one track. Want a few chill progressive house mixes? You are covered thanks to Kris Haulund. Let's embrace all of the trance with the remixes by John Gregory and Michael Feron.

One thing is for sure, that OHM Music is making it's stride with available talent. Those looking for some great new sounds for their collection should not be disappointed with these remixes. Enjoy a taste of what is to be released November 3rd!

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