Friday, October 27, 2017

Track Review: 'Pathkeeper" by Maglev & Josh Bailey

Recently OHM Music owner and friend of this blog Omair Mirza chatted on Trending Topics with BB Podcast about trance music, the label, and more. After listening to that conversation, you will learn that the label is on the brink of exploding in the trance scene. The hard work by everybody at the label is getting noticed throughout the scene.

Fresh off his successful collaboration with Omair Mirza, Josh Bailey returns with a collaboration with Maglev in "Pathkeeper". The track begins with a build up of beats and melodies, then more melodies grace your ears for a solid trance track. The intricacy of the track is evident throughout especially with the vocal "laugh" track from the "pathkeeper". You see what they did there. Please support their efforts when this track is released November 10th!

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