Friday, December 15, 2017

Album Review: 'The Only Road' by Gabriel & Dresden

First and foremost, if you aren't acquainted with the duo of Gabriel & Dresden, and their profound way of propelling trance/electronic dance music over the years, then it is time for a history lesson. Let's go back to the early days when Josh Gabriel and Dave Dresden combined. They produced such hits as "As the Rush Comes" featuring JES under the name Motorcycle, "Without You Near" in collaboration with Markus Schulz, "Tracking Treasure Down", and "Dangerous Power".  Not to mention, their producing power for other artists.

Let's fast forward to November 21, 2016, when they launched a new album Kickstarter. To their surprise, their absence in dance music had created a hunger for a new album, and the backers raised over $73,000 to fund the project. It also helped that they went on a Open to Close "Classics" tour all over the United States recently. It was apparent that this duo has cemented a lasting respect for many fans.

When Above & Beyond hit the stage during ABGT 250 ( September 16, 2017), the announcement that Gabriel & Dresden had returned to Anjunabeats, and were going to be releasing their new album on that label. In fact, a couple of tracks off of Gabriel & Dresden's album were featured in Above & Beyond's set. It is suggested that whether you stream or buy the album, you listen to every track. The duo have put their heart and soul into this album.

It may not be the in your face trance and/or electronic dance music that you are used to currently, but this album can not help but hit your emotions. The singles off of the album certainly prove that: "This Love Kills Me", "White Walls", "Waiting For Winter", and "You".  Have you found your favorite track yet?

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