Monday, December 18, 2017

Track Review: "Talisman" by Sodality Presents SDLT

The discovery of new music is always welcomed here at this blog. The team at OHM Music is on a roll.  Whether your tastes leans toward the progressive side of things or trance or a combination of both, rest assured you will find a many gems throughout the releases on OHM Music.

Sodality has been mentioned in previous posts here through remixes provided on other tracks, thus the blog is delighted to highlight "Talisman" under a new alias SDLT. The layers of melodies and beat drops open up the world for many possibilities, hence the progressive and electro house remixes provided by Jackob Rocksonn.  Considering the definition of a talisman is a lucky charm, it is safe to say that this track will be a lucky charm for everyone involved. Please support the track when it is released December 22nd! 

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