Friday, December 1, 2017

Track Review: "Beautiful Mystery" (The Remixes) by Omair Mirza featuring Avari

You may or may not know that through our quest to highlight talent, Omair Mirza and OHM Music has become a staple here on this blog. Whether it's a personal release from Mr. Mirza himself or any of the talent on the label, it feels amazing to highlight the releases in anyway via this blog or BB Media Industries.

Please take time to read the initial review of "Beautiful Mystery". The same still applies, but now there are options that will enhance your listening pleasure. Do you prefer the more relaxed progressive vibe? Great, David Thulin has a couple of remixes for your collection.  Do you prefer the melodies and beat drops of trance? Great, Sodality, H3, Nay Jay & Leonard A, and LawrenceQ provide you with many remixes for your collection. Feel free to listen, then support all of their efforts of picking up your copy December 15th to help celebrate OHM Music's 1 Year Anniversary!

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