Friday, January 26, 2018

Album Review: 'Common Ground' by Above & Beyond

A few months ago Above & Beyond plus many others artists on the Anjunabeats roster threw a big party to celebrate Group Therapy episode 250.  Little did the Anjunafamily in attendance and watching around the world, know they were to embark on a journey. Yes, a journey to a new album from the revered group.

A few tracks from this forth coming album 'Common Ground' were revealed along with the album's artwork upon the closing of Above & Beyond's set during that epic milestone party. Once those tuned in heard the familiar voice of Zoe Johnston singing "My Own Hymm" to those beats and synths, it became clear that a follow up to the popular album 'We're All We Need' was on its way.

Let's fast forward to today (January 26, 2018), the album has been officially released despite haven't had "Tightrope", "Northern Soul", and "Always" available for days or even weeks now. Despite your personal opinions on albums from them or on your favorite particular tracks, the beauty is being able to decipher that for yourself. The ability for an artist to evolve over time should not be overlooked. Music is after all subjective to your ears. Highly recommend you buy or stream this album at your earliest convenience!


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