Sunday, May 6, 2018

Song Review: "You'll See" by Desensitised

As there continues to be a struggle for equality in gender and or sex qualifications, we can not avoid the fact that music falls into that category just like other industries. In a previous post on this blog, 'Women Power As Needed' was a focus to highlight incredible talent that just so happen to be women. Thanks to our friends at the Sound Hub Record label, the all women group out of the U.K. Desensitised was introduced.

"You'll See" is a interesting song that happens to fall in line with the sound and Indie Rock to hail out of the United Kingdom. The only constructive criticism about the song is the masking of vocals through many different production techniques. In an effort to sound edgy, it takes away from the song. However, lyrically, the song is well written. Regardless of the above mentioned criticism, the airplay on BBC Radio and Planet Rock shows there is a market for such talent. Please support the official release of "You'll See" on May 12th!

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