Friday, May 11, 2018

Track Review: "Barra Brava" by Matt Forner

More great trance to come from the team at OHM Music is upon us trance family. Matt Forner has been featured on this blog before as a remix contributor for a track, but looking forward to his own work. Not to sound too biased or a broken record, but have you been paying attention to the quality of trance to come from this label?

"Barra Brava" immediately grabs your attention from it's back beats, beat drops, then melody. However, when the familiar "chanting" one may find at a certain sporting event kicks in, you are in for a listening treat. Many different forms of "chanting" have been used in music, more specifically trance music for awhile, but the way it is incorporated into this track is brilliant. This track has also got some remix attention from Table 18 & Hakan Ozurun. Please support this track any way you can when it is OFFICIALLY released May 18th!

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