Friday, April 5, 2019

Track Review: "Perception" by Markus Schulz Featuring Justine Suissa (Johan Gielen Remix)

Well over 10 years ago, Markus Schulz & Justine Suissa covered the classic trance track "Perception".  The combination of Justine's vocals mixed with the simple yet enticing melodic layers fit for the beach at sunrise/sunset or any relaxing setting for that matter helped propel Markus as one of trance music's signature producers.

Fast forward to present day, where this track in any form is timeless. 2018 saw the return of the signature compilation 'In Search of Sunrise', and the remix provided by Johan Gielen.  Without compromising the cover, Mr. Gielen has captured a sense of uplifting euphoria with this remix. This remix has been featured in recent DJ sets as well as radio shows/podcasts. The track is currently out NOW via Coldharbour Recordings, and will continue to be timeless for years to come!


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