Monday, September 19, 2016

Track Review: "Too Big To Fail" by Omair Mirza

It has been couple of months since the last release from Trance DJ/Producer Omair Mirza.  Those privy to his releases are well aware of his affiliations with Armada Music and Coldharbour Recordings. Mirza's contributions to the trance music genre have been well received thus far. For those wondering what sub-genre his tracks fall under:  uplifting, progressive, and vocal.   

"Too Big To Fail" has an uplifting intro through the piano melody then builds with beat drops bringing great vibes. The layering of melodies with background vocals add that much more to the track. The progressive-like foundation of the track sets a great tone (no pun intended) before the melodies kick in.  Those fans new and old to the trance genre should embrace such a well produced track.  Looking forward to hearing this track in live sets as well as on radio shows/podcasts by those in the Trance community.  

Please buy a copy when it becomes available October 17th via Freegrant Music! 

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