Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Latest Tracks from Flashover Recordings

Under the direction of Ferry Corsten, Flashover Recordings has been producing some great tracks for the Trance music community to enjoy. The beauty of the trance community not only is the loyalty of the fans, but the crossover and collaboration of DJs/Producers within the genre.

Pierre Pienaar may or may not be on your radar, but after listening to "Novus Vitae" he will. The melodies grab your attention from the beginning of the track, and transcend that "hands up in the air feeling" that Trance music is supposed to give you.  How about you check it out yourself?

Coming off his release of "Bail Sunrise", Dan Dobson brings us the track "The Distance Between Us".  From its uplifting melodies to its intricate beat drops. Even the newest trance fan will appreciate this track. Pick up your copy today!

Solis & Sean Truby just keep producing big room and uplifting tracks for the trance community.  "Nobu" is that track you should expect to hear at festivals as well as in club atmospheres.  The melody will hook you from the first beat. You will want your own copy!

Dimension & Robert Nickson have teamed up to brings "Wormhole".  The collaboration was a match made in heaven as evident by the first beat to the melody to the key change. Without diving too deep into music theory, enjoy this track on Beatport!

Alex Ender brings the Trance community a club banger as they say. "Sunset Beast" is that track that will be played during sunset sets or anytime around a sunset.  The pace of the track will set the mood for a good night. Add this to your collection!

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