Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Latest Tracks from Coldharbour Recordings

The Coldharbour Recordings factory has been hard at work this year as evident by all of the previous posts. The family is creating really great, and unique trance, house, and progressive music right now, and it looks to continue.  From original tracks to remixes, are you keeping up with the latest releases?

This track was highlighted in Markus Schulz' annual Sunrise Set earlier in the year, and is currently out NOW for your listening pleasure. The collaboration between Ruebx Qube and Adina Butar worked beautifully.

Mr. Pit has been churning out great tracks on the label for quite some time now, yet, his latest deserves recognition.  The deep, darker, progressive sound mixed with trance melodies turned out to be a great combination. Pick up your own copy through your favorite platforms NOW!

Anske has contributed some great tracks on the label already, but his latest looks to impress those unaware. The track follows the Coldharbour formula, but keeps you guessing as more melodies and beats are layered as the track progresses. Check it out for yourself, and pick up its sister "Starlight" while you are at it!

You might be aware of Dan Thompson as well as Solis & Sean Truby separately for their music production. However, they have teamed up for the track "Aero", which has been getting quite the support in live sets and radio shows/podcasts for a few months now. Enjoy your copy here! 

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