Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Latest Tracks from Anjunabeats

The trio of Above & Beyond along with a few other artists on the Anjunabeats label just celebrated the 200th episode of the radio show/podcast Group Therapy in Amsterdam. As mentioned before on this blog, music brings people together in a powerful way. Thus, the unity that has come from the worldwide appeal of Group Therapy has contributed to its success.

Genix & Sue McLaren have produced a track with intriguing beats, background melodies, and great vocals. In fact, it happens to align with productions from the bosses of Above & Beyond.  Have you picked up your copy yet?

If you have or haven't been paying attention to recent posts on this blog, you will find a post dedicated to the Above & Beyond remix of the Moby classic. However, this blog would be remiss if it didn't point out the remix by Arty.  Not that the classic "Porcelain" needed to be remixed due to its timeless qualities from Moby, but enjoy nonetheless!

Ilan Bluestone & Jason Ross have made names for themselves individually, but collaborating in Back-to-Back sets along with production has been well received by the label and fans. Collaborations tend to bring out the best, unique, and creative aspects of music. Have you added "Amun" and "Meta" to your collection?

The duo of Kyau & Albert have produced a track that is sure to be timeless in the future.  From the beats, to the melodies, to the lyrics and vocals, not much in this track is flawed.  As evident by its current popularity on Beatport for many weeks now.

Tuskana has outdone themselves again with both "Legacy" and "Champions".  Each track aligns with the overall sound from the Anjunabeats label, yet also add their own flair.  What are your favorite parts of each track? The melodies or the beats? Time will tell with your own copies!

Push created a great track in "Strange World", but the remix by Andrew Bayer added that much more depth to production quality within the label. The intricacies in beats, layered melodies, and vibes you get from this track will make it an instant classic. Pick up a copy for your collection! 

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