Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Latest Tracks from Future Sound of Egypt (FSOE)

Spearheaded by Aly & Fila, Future Sound of Egypt (FSOE) has been producing great tracks for the trance and dance music aficionado. Ahead of the FSOE450 celebrations, are you keeping up with the latest tracks? 

A & Z have produced an uplifting trance track in "Lyra" sure to get you in the dancing mood. Have you picked up your copy yet

"Kenopsia" by Ahmed Romel has that sound you would expect from this label along with more depth that will pick up any mood. Grab your copy here! 

Arctic Moon has a created an upbeat track in "Serein" that was meant for those looking to get lost in the beats. Pick it up here! 

Darren Porter has made a name for himself in producing solid trance tracks over the years. "To Feel Again" is another one that you shouldn't miss!

From the vocals to the layering of melodies, "Helia" by Omair Sherif & Jonathan Carvajal featuring Crystal Blakk will appeal to more than strictly trance fans. Enjoy it here! 

The infectious beats mixed with background vocals grab you, and the addition of the melody will entice you.  Well done James Dymond! Add it to your collection! 

"Mykonos" by Niko Zografos gets under your skin in that good way. Enjoy the background vocals mixed with layered melodies followed by those beat drops! Get it here! 

Some may say music brings you "Closer To Heaven". Well, Alan Morris did with great track. You will want to add it your collection

"Hypogean" by Stoneface & Terminal will immediately get you HYPED from the infections melodies to the beat drops. Keep these vibes going with your copy here

Andres Sanchez & Michael Kaelios presenting Spanish Armada created "Leyenda" to keep you upbeat. The layering of melodies does not disappoint! You know what to do! 

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