Monday, September 26, 2016

Track Review: "Sinners & Saints" by Spark & Shade Feat. Goshen Sai

Despite the onslaught of love for the latest tracks in Trance, this blog has explored music of all genres. However, the point of this blog is highlight talent, and continue the conversation through music. Thus, the opportunity to review a track from an Dutch duo within the Trance realm was an obvious choice.

Let's first begin with introducing you to Spark & Shade followed by the vocals of Goshen Sai.  When the track "Sinners & Saints" begins, it immediately grabs your attention through the uplifting vibes, then the vocals kick in adding that much more depth to the track. To finish off the track, more melodies are layered on top, which happen to accompany Sai's vocals well.

In fact, hop over to Beatport for this exclusive track NOW! Then pick up a copy on other platforms October 10th! 

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