Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Album Review: 'The Getaway' by Red Hot Chili Peppers

Have you figured out the subliminal theme featured on posts over time on this blog? In case you have not, the answer is career longevity. Despite the changes in the music industry over time or your changes in musical taste, one thing that out lives all, is longevity. An artist, band, DJ, producer, singer, musician, or what have you tends to gain respect as their career develops over time.

A band that is revered a lot over the years is none other than Red Hot Chili Peppers. They have produced great songs for more than 20 years. Some people out there may agree that it is hard to top the skills of bassist Flea. Their love for the state of California does not go unnoticed either. So without more delay, it's time to review their latest album 'The Getaway'.  From the title song "The Getaway", you will immediately find yourself immersed in the familiar, but new sounds from RHCP. The high quality of songwriting bleeds throughout the album.  The unique vocals from Anthony Kledis guide you through the journey. The bass lines from Flea are just as brilliant as ever. The percussion by Chad Smith followed by the guitar riffs from Josh Klinghoffer compliment each other so well.

Their current successful tour for this album shows just how fans still love RHCP, their music, and their unique personalities. It is highly recommended you pick up their album if you haven't already! Respect their influence on music when you listen to this album for the first time.


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