Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Track Review: "Outer Space" by Kaneis featuring Novel

Despite new found popularity (for some), trance music still has an "underground" feel to it these days due to the many different labels releasing tracks. One of those labels is Omair Mirza's OHM Music, which has been featured a few times on this blog already. In fact, there seems to be a surge of different releases in different genres of electronic dance music recently.

"Outer Space" by Kaneis featuring Novel is another one of those tracks that can be well received for Big Room, House, Progressive House, and trance. The remixes by many in the industry are proving that when a track is great from the beginning, any take on it can be great. From the beat drops to the melodies to the vocals by Novel, this track needs to be added to your collection when it is widely released very soon! 

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