Thursday, April 12, 2018

Track Review: "Sparks Fly" by Euphoric Nation & David Thulin Feat. Marisha Mae (The Remixes)

Feel free to search through previous posts on this blog highlighting the power of a remix. In the world of dance music, more specifically, trance music, remixes give a new and delightful take a on a track that the original influenced. In the previous review of "Sparks Fly", much was highlighted in the powerful vocals by Marisha Mae and the collaboration by Euphoric Nation & David Thulin.

The return of "Sparks Fly" in remixes produced by Danilo Ercole, Spark & Shade, & Jackson Snapp not only highlight the original track, but have created new ways to enjoy this track. The team at OHM Music are on target with the quality trance produced. Please support these remixes on Beatport May 4th!

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