Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Track Review: "Banshee" by Stuart Ferguson (The Remixes)

The success of the original released tracks on OHM Music have garnered fantastic remix attention. Thus, this blog wants to highlight the talent it takes to create quality remixes of a trance tracks while maintaining integrity to the original. The previous review of "Banshee" by Stuart Ferguson will explain the brilliance of the track.

Two of the remixes of "Banshee" have a progressive house feel, and are produced by Alex Moreli and Division One.  While they stray from trance, they still capture magic from the original track. Kjuna and Nameless have produced two great trance remixes that will be revered by the scene in the future. No matter your particular taste, make sure you support the release of these remixes May 4th on Beatport!

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