Monday, April 9, 2018

Song Review: "Won't Last a Minute" by Jump Stone

It is time to return to our support of Indie Rock and Indie Bands on the blog. The importance as well as the prominence of Independent Labels finding great talent has changed the music industry as a whole. The trio of Jump Stone hails out of the U.K., and adds to the talented roster on Sound-Hub Records. 

"Won't Last a Minute" is an uptempo rock song with a great production. The trio has infused enticing vocals with a guitar feature, and a great drum feature. It is clear that this trio is passionate enough to hone their craft in music. Their sound meshes well with other artists on this label. This blog looks forward to following their career. Please pick up and/or stream your copy of "Won't Last a Minute" when it is released April 28th!

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