Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Track Review: "Lethal" by Dave Neven

As you may know as a frequent reader of this blog, Coldharbour Recordings gets a lot of love around here. The darker sound spearheaded by Markus Schulz adds another layer to trance as well as techno with Coldharbour Black. In fact, Dave Neven has been featured many times in previous posts on this blog for his integration of melodic layers and interesting beats that align with the sound of Coldharbour.

"Lethal" is a track full of anthemic melodies mixed with deep yet enticing beats that set it apart from tracks released in the genre. No matter what label or sound is your favorite, you should support the evolution of trance as a genre. Mr. Neven has already shown his range through tracks that are vocal, collaborations, and solo efforts. "Lethal" is currently out NOW, so please support it anyway you can!

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