Monday, February 18, 2019

Track Review: "Traffic" by Tiesto (Arkham Knights Remix)

A history lesson is necessary prior to this review. One of electronic dance music's pioneers was DJ Tiesto back in the 1990's, in which most of his tracks were of the trance music genre. Then as electronic dance music became more popular, DJ was dropped from his name, and his sound and style changed. However, back then, one of Tiesto's most iconic tracks was "Traffic".

As evident time and time again on this blog, Arkham Knights have truly made a name for themselves in production out of Coldharbour Recordings.  This brother duo has been mentored by Markus Schulz, and has become one of the most sought out trance duos to date. Not only have they had success with original tracks, but their remixes have attracted quite the following.

Arkham Knights have managed to add their signature techno infused beats and re-orchestrate the original track brilliantly. In keeping the original track for the most part, you can not help but love the modern touches they have added.  Please support this track currently out now via Global DJ Broadcast February Top 20 Compilation!

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