Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Track Review: "Predator vs. Prey" by Fisherman

Your challenge as a reader or new reader of this blog is to search for previous posts featuring tracks by Fisherman & Hawkins. Together, this duo created some great tracks on Coldharbour Recordings and beyond. However, they are no longer a duo, but Fisherman has continued with great solo tracks sure to keep the great vibes going.

In order to follow up 'Jaguar' and the successful Airwalk Festival, the release of "Predator vs. Prey" is upon us as trance fans. Fresh off the presses on Coldharbour with plays on Global DJ Broadcast as well as in various DJ sets, this track not only incorporates the signature sound by the label, but also melodic layers you may think you have already heard. As the artwork above suggests, there is an overall theme to this track, which happens a lot in trance. Either way, please support this track currently out now!

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