Thursday, February 28, 2019

Track Review: "Our Reflections" by MBX (The Remixes)

With every trance label and artist creating quality trance these days, it is hard to keep up with latest releases even if you pay attention to the many radio shows/podcasts available. However, upon getting an exclusive listen to the remixes of "Our Reflections" by MBX, it's clear the team has once again continued their integral part within the scene. OHM Music may not be a label most know about, but they should.

Upon its official release March 8, 2019, you have 3 separate remixes to indulge. H3 has created a deep mix that aligns with a progressive feel. Both Ambyt and Apollo Nash have created extended remixes that offer a new take while keeping the integrity of the original track. Despite your opinion on remixing music, please listen to these remixes and commend the entire team for their artistry.

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