Monday, February 4, 2019

Track Review: "Need To Feel Loved" by Reflekt (Cosmic Gate & Foret Rework)

Unless you pay attention almost to the degree of unhealthy obsession with the happenings in trance, you might not realize the 20 Year Milestone Cosmic Gate is celebrating. However, this blog is well aware of all the previously mentioned, and excited to listen to new album, and to see where their world tour takes them.  The German duo has been creating great trance anthems and remixes that have been pleasing the masses (check out their remix of Gabriel & Dresden's "Only Road").

"Need To Feel Loved" is a great track by Reflekt in its own right, but a rework to celebrate longevity in electronic & trance music should be welcomed. The combination of deep driving beats, melodic layers, and delightful vocals make this rework fantastic.  Check it out for yourself!

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